SETTANTOTTO – a new flagship from Cranchi

Cranchi Settantotto will be the new flagship of Cranchi shipyard. Its presentation is scheduled for January 2020 at Boot fair trade in Dusseldorf.

This yacht is destined to be a worldwide reference point in terms of design, technological equipment and quality of fittings, decor, materials and style details. The quality of the moulds used at the Cranchi factories, as well as the care taken in the treatment of these products, is unmatched in the world. The robustness, safety and aesthetics of a yacht depend precisely on the molds. A real flagship is built placing maximum attention to every detail, starting from the design and production phases.

For Cranchi, environmental sustainability is a priority. A natural attitude for a company who has always looked to the future and builds products that live in contact with the sea and natural elements.

For the structure and superstructure of the new Settantotto we will use carbon fiber, kevlar and vinylester resins. These three materials together allowed to create a more resistant, but also lighter and less polluting, boat.

The new settantotto will have amazing 24m lenght. In a fact, this is the yacht that can handle the sea in any condition. It has timeless beauty that is both classic and modern. You can feel distinctly Italian taste in every piece of furniture.

The design choices never contradict its nature; they enhance it because the yacht was made for sailing. There is always a rational and functional reason for the design choices: a pragmatism that takes nothing away from its beauty and, instead, accentuates it.

This model proposes an idea of contemporary, minimalist beauty, with flowing lines, drawn to convey a natural sense of balance. It is impossible to find anything excessive or aggressive in Christian Grande’s design. Yet this model shines that strength expected from a flagship.

The propulsion of the Settantotto is provided by the new Volvo Penta D13-IPS1350, the most powerful engine of the IPS range. Compact in its configuration and capable of delivering great power, the D13-IPS1350 combines perfectly with the design of the hull of the Settantotto and the use of light and resistant fibres: this way, the Settantotto ensures lower consumption, greater autonomy, optimal peak speed, reduced vibrations and noise, comfort, reliability and duration.

Beauty has a new dimension, Settantotto is more than just a number, it is a leader of the new generation of Cranchi boats.